Oi Mate. Wanna try some of our homegrown?



Our garden has finally grown something other than Dandelions and those weeds that smell of cat wee, hooray!

So, we thought to celebrate this (and of course the pure delight that is rhubarb) we would make some rhubarb and vanilla jam


After sampling it this morning on some toasted sourdough, we’re sure you’ll agree that this is really rather special. SO, come and have a go this Sunday.

We’ll also be baking up a rhubarb and custard themed cake AND of course will have our usual brunch menu of Eggs Benedict/Royale/Florentine, the ever popular potato hash and last but not least, scrambled chickpeas.




One response to “Oi Mate. Wanna try some of our homegrown?

  1. Hi

    Been having a tough time – but getting things back together remind me what time Sunday’s happen ……. thanks


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