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Have you heard of Hastings Cargo?

The Covid 19 crisis brought many things into sharp focus. At the Beacon we adapted in the space of a few days by creating a delivery service for our Sunday roasts, absorbing the cost of packaging and delivery, with no idea of the viability of such a plan or its potential duration! Two months down the line we are still going strong, thanks to you.
We’re now looking forward to a time when some of you may wish to collect your food directly from us, but until then we will continue to deliver to all our customers.

This Sunday we are trialling a new delivery service for some very local addresses with Hastings Cargo electric bikes (ahem, not pictured above). These bikes have been proved to be an excellent way to help maintain the clean air quality and pollution levels we’ve seen during lockdown, and we at the Beacon want to help Hastings keep breathing clean air.  We hope you will support us in this, and we would welcome your feedback after Sunday’s service.

This weeks menu….

Our Starter Box this week contains a gorgeous Greek Salad; sweet vine cherry tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, black olives, cucumber, fresh herbs and Feta (vegan without), plus a wedge of the days fresh Sourdough. Great on the day or save it for lunch the next day!

Then….local roast chicken with herb stuffing or “Cheeseboard Tart” (v) (a mix of mature cheddar, Brie & Stilton plus onions in a handmade pastry case) or No Bake Spinach Cheesecake with a sunflower seed & sundried tomato base (ve).

All mains come with roasties (thats just standard) and a choice of seasonal vegetables & gravy, *unless* you order our Summer Special which swaps the veg & gravy for a wonderful medley of mixed green beans & asparagus plus a fresh aioli (garlic mayo)….Just let us know which way you sway when you place your order…

Dessert this week…

Choose between Pavlova (homemade meringue, whipped Northiam Dairy cream, summer berry compote and fresh berries) or a vegan Strawberry Tart. We love this season!

To order please email or call us on (01424) 431 305

BYO (Build Your Own)

Our starter boards have been missed by some of our well loved customers so we are now creating starter boxes to be delivered alongside your Sunday lunch. Kick start your afternoon with a tasty grazing board or store it away in the fridge and have a ready made lunch for the next day. Each box comes with freshly made sourdough and a changing seasonal menu of dips or toppings to enjoy. Plus we able to add a few of our own home grown salads!

This week is a build your own Bruschetta; sweet cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil drizzle. We love grilling the bread and rubbing it with a little garlic first but either way, pile it high and enjoy!

A Summer Offering

We may be partly stuck indoors but we can now enjoy the taste of the outdoors with some of the fine ingredients being grown around us, hello sunshine!

This week we are roasting local lamb and serving it with minted redcurrant (a condiment hybrid, works well) also building layered pies with squash, woodland pearl barley (simmered with mushrooms and chestnuts) spinach and herbed mascarpone in a polenta crust, vegan option always available.

Each main course comes with the classic sides of seasonal vegetables, a bit of both dauphinois & roasties plus gravy….OR why not try our summertime special? Swap your veg and gravy for a fresh green salad with beans & asparagus and a homemade aioli, supreme with roasties! Just let us know when you order…

Dessert is a choice of mini Pavlova or rhubarb & custard sponge pudding (ve).

To order please email or call us on (01424) 431 305

Home Grown!

In a bid to do things better, we have been digging, planting and watering a small patch down the end, only to find things appearing! We are excited to be able to add some of our home grown produce as and where we can into the food we serve.

So, this weeks starter box includes such things! Home grown pea shoots and mixed leaves to garnish a freshly made Petit Pois and garden mint Guacamole with Feta and our own made Sourdough. Perfect for these warmer days, to begin your afternoon or to pop in the fridge and enjoy the following day…

For the main event…

Local slow roasted pork shoulder, home made herbed stuffing & apple sauce or “Beacon Beets Tower”; Balsamic roasted beetroot & red onion, sizzled leeks & pine nuts all piled high atop a bed of chickpea mash. All dishes come with roasties, seasonal vegetables and gravy. PLUS, this week you could also order a side of cauliflower cheese!

Dessert is a choice of Pecan Pie with whipped Northiam Dairy cream or a vegan strawberry sponge cake with red berry compote & coconut yogurt.

To order please email or phone (01424) 431 305

Have you tried out a Starter Box yet?

Our Jack ( a scenic carpenter by trade) has taken up baking whilst in lockdown and has absolutely nailed a homemade Sourdough, hence, it has become a staple within our Starter Boxes….as well as our daily breakfasts.

This week it will be joined by a tomato, almond and basil pesto, a roasted red pepper, white bean and Harissa dip and some leaves picked straight from the garden. Enjoy it before your main meal or save it for lunch the next day…

Now for the main event…

This week we have local beef with fresh Horseradish or Nut Roast (in vegetarian and vegan form) both with Yorkshire puddings and also Homity Pie (for those that missed it on last weeks menu it’s a deep filled leek, spinach, potato and mature cheddar pie with wholemeal crust). As always we serve these with roasties, seasonal vegetables and gravy.

Dessert is a choice of Banoffee Pie or apple crumble pie (ve).

To order please email or call (01424) 431 305

Start with a Starter…

We’ve had a few requests from those missing our starter boards. We always wrote the menu for our starters on the day as they would be designed around what we had available to use, what could be picked from the garden and how much sourdough Mum had made the night before.

Well, here they are! We are now adding Starter Boxes to our menu; enjoy a shared bite before your Sunday lunch or pop it in the fridge and your Monday lunch is sorted…

This weeks box contains a pot of caramelised onion Houmous topped with red onion marmalade, home grown pea shoots and a wedge of homemade Sourdough. Each box is £7.50, please note our minimum order is £14.

Now for the main course…

Local roast chicken with home made stuffing or Homity Pie (deep filled pie with leeks, spinach, potato and mature cheddar in a wholemeal pastry) (vegan option available). Each served with roasties, seasonal vegetables and gravy.

Dessert is a choice of chocolate & hazelnut Torte, caramel apple upside down cake (both served with Northiam Dairy double cream) or a vegan chocolate Brownie with cherry compote and soya cream.

To order please email or phone (01424) 431 305

To read the menu in full, please see our Facebook page or website

This weeks home delivery from us on the hill…

So, whilst many of us are sad that Jack In The Green is cancelled, we are trying to remain positive. We will be celebrating the coming of Spring in our own ways and can hopefully enjoy a weekend at home nonetheless.

Here at The Beacon, we’ll be donning our finest green attire and floral headdresses whilst raising a glass to the Jack, the coming of Spring and to those who we can’t be with during this lockdown. Why not join us, virtually, and order in a local cider to have with your meal?

From the kitchen this week…

  • Local roast lamb with minted redcurrant jelly
  • Lentil & Chestnut roast with red onion marmalade (v) & (ve)

Each served with potato dauphinois (vegan without), roasties, seasonal vegetables and gravy.

Followed by

  • Caramel apple Upside Down cake with Northiam Dairy creme fraiche
  • Raspberry apple crumble with custard (ve)

To order please email or call us on (01424) 431 305