This Sunday Brought To You By….Us

Here we are some time ago trying not to leave the EU. Well, we’re still here (in Hastings we mean) and ready to open our home once again to bring to you our lovingly cooked, locally sourced Sunday specials. We’ll be brushing off our aprons this weekend after a longer-than-usual annual break – polishing the silver, shaking out the tablecloths, scrubbing the doorstep  (uh?)…

Well anyway… we’ll be firing up the ovens both in the kitchen and out in the garden for our first roast dinner of 2023!

  • Butterflied leg of local lamb with redcurrant jelly and onion sauce
  • Beacon nut roast (ve) with a quenelle of sweet potato
  • Catch of the Day with herby topping, garlic tomatoes and creamed spinach

Each main comes with roasties, seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pud and a home brewed gravy.

Dessert this week is Fairlight Sloe & apple Crumble (vegan option available)

We hope you’ll join us! Don’t forget to book.

01424 431305 or

PS We’re now VAT registered, and our prices have had to increase accordingly, do give us a call if you need to discuss this before your visit…

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