What’s New With Us…

New to our starter menu is a tried, tasted and loved vegan “Chorizo”, we have been sprinkling it on many things (pictured here on last Sundays pea puree) but this week we’ll be adding it to a white bean dip and some flame roasted red peppers, all aboard some grilled local (or even home made) breads. YUM…

Also on the menu this week, local lamb with our own mint sauce, a Roots Tatin with three cheese sauce and a vegan lentil roast. Each comes with either Dauphinois potatoes or roasties, a selection of seasonal vegetables and a home brewed gravy. Dessert is Sticky Toffee Pudding with a vegan option also.

To book your table please email info@beaconhastings.com or call us on (01424) 431 305

COMING UP – International Women’s Day!

We are excited to announce an entire weekend dedicated to International Women’s Day. An event celebrating women, performed by women and in a venue run by women…but with men very welcome.

Tickets will be on sale soon for live music, comedy, spoken word and performance all to take place between Friday 6th and Sunday 8th March, please stay tuned…

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