Cousin Syd’s Pies…

Thursday 7-11 (Kitchen til 9)

If you’ve yet to meet our cousin Syd, then where have you been? Clearly not propping up our bar as thats where he spends a lot of his time…serving I mean. However, Syd can also turn his hand to the kitchen where he makes an EPIC pie!

This week, Syd is taking over the kitchen and creating a selection of his hand made pies, expect local chicken and of course a vegetarian and vegan option too.  Each will be totally delicious so see you there, I mean here….

Sunday Lunch 12-4

This week its a local roast chicken with stuffing or Mums Nut Roast (V & Ve) both served with roasties and seasaonal vegetables. Pudding this week is a seasonal fruit crumble and not Sticky Toffee Pudding as the website suggests. Sorry but we work with whats thrown at us and this week, its fruit!

As always, kids and starter menu available.  Bookings 01424 431 305

Coming Up – October 20th – Clothesline Sale!

They’re at it again, come and see for yourselves! Please save the date…

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