Do you know what a Gaucho is?

I had assumed it was an artist from the late 19th century. This is incorrect.


A Gaucho is a resident of the South American pampas, or grasslands. They are experts at herding cows, on horseback. Very much like a cowboy. Through the years, the Gauchos have grown to be greatly admired and renowned in legends, folklore and literature, hence, they have now become an important part of their regional cultural tradition.

Want to know more?

Then come to this Fridays talk with Francisco de Francesca who’ll be revealing all on the style, myth, legend and lifestyle of the Gauchos.

Tickets £15, includes a two course supper themed (loosely) around a Gaucho menu such as Locro, Quinoa salad, Chimichurri and Faina. You may well not have heard of any of those things but trust me, they’ll be tasty. Plus, they’ll be swiftly followed with a salted caramel chocolate pot, made using dulce de leche – an Argentinian staple.

Booking essential, so please call us on 01424 431 305 or email

Til Friday Amigos

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