Cousin Syd’s Pies…

Thursday 7-11 (Kitchen til 9)

If you’ve yet to meet our cousin Syd, then where have you been? Clearly not propping up our bar as thats where he spends a lot of his time…serving I mean. However, Syd can also turn his hand to the kitchen where he makes an EPIC pie!

This week, Syd is taking over the kitchen and creating a selection of his hand made pies, expect local chicken and of course a vegetarian and vegan option too.  Each will be totally delicious so see you there, I mean here….

Sunday Lunch 12-4

This week its a local roast chicken with stuffing or Mums Nut Roast (V & Ve) both served with roasties and seasaonal vegetables. Pudding this week is a seasonal fruit crumble and not Sticky Toffee Pudding as the website suggests. Sorry but we work with whats thrown at us and this week, its fruit!

As always, kids and starter menu available.  Bookings 01424 431 305

Coming Up – October 20th – Clothesline Sale!

They’re at it again, come and see for yourselves! Please save the date…

Mums Moussaka Menu…mmmmm

Thursday 7-11 (kitchen til 9)

Watch Out World! Mum, The Lady of the House, Judy, Granny etc etc and her trusty side kick Belinda, are taking over the kitchen in a fabulous (one of her most commonly used words) kick start to the new Autumn series of kitchen takeovers. Using locally sourced and hand picked ingredients (you can catch her at the Thursday market with not one but TWO trolleys), expect three types of Moussaka (local lamb, Vegetarian & Vegan) lovingly layered and baked, all served with garlic bread and a crisp green salad. £10 and available until it all gets eaten up.


Keep your eyes peeled (always announced each week here and linked to Facebook) for the up and coming weeks menu as we’ve been selecting some of our favourite home cooks to takeover the kitchen and provide some delicious meals for you. Next week, Syd’s Chicken Pie…

Sunday Lunch 12-4 

Locally sourced lamb, “Beets, Leeks & Onions” on a bed of chickpea mash. Both served with seasonally sourced vegetables, crisp roasties and a home cooked gravy. Pudding is a seasonal fruit crumble with vanilla custard or cream. 

To book please call us on 01424 431 305

To keep your peepers on the Sunday menu (which may occasionally change due to the seasons ingredients) we publish it monthly on our website

Up and Coming! Clothesline Sale, please save the date of 20th October and we’ll post more about it soon…


Prepare For A New Kitchen Takeover


Thursday 7-11 (kitchen til 9)


Burrito Night for one final HURRAH this week, its been so delicious. Thanks to kitchen wizard Iona for her work, we’ve loved it.

Fear not, though, we are going on through October and will be delighting you each week with a new menu of autumnal feasts. Stay tuned for finer details…

Sunday Lunch 12-4

Local roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or Lentil Roast with balsamic onion gravy, both served with seasonal vegetables and roasties. Pud this week is a Treacle Tart.

Bookings please xall us on 01424 431 305

Autumn is Upon Us!

Thursday 7-11 – Burrito Night (kitchen til 9)


Slow roast local pork with pineapple salsa or Butternut squash, roasted tomato and corn. Both lovingly wrapped in a hand made tortilla with rice and beans. Get this while you can as from October the menu will be changing and they’ll be no more!

Sunday Lunch 12-4

Local roast pork with apple sauce or our best nut roast, both served with all the trimmings. Followed by Sticky Toffee Pud – Come and enjoy the last chances to sit al fresco while you can…weather permitting.

For bookings 01424 431 305


Candy’s Diner & a Jolly Fine Roast


If you missed out on the last burgers, then here’s your second chance! Come and try the Big Lack, only vegetarian and vegan ingredients used here. Meat eaters alike will be very happy, trust us! Kitchen open 7-9, bar til 11.

Sunday Lunch 12-4

Vegetarian and Vegan layered pies or a local roast chicken with stuffing. Both come with all the works. This weeks dessert is a locally grown rhubarb crumble.

To book please call us on 01424 431 305


More Coastal Currents

This week with us…

Thursday 7-11


More delicious Burritos, using locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Please note we will now be opening from 7pm

Saturday Coastal Currents

open studios f&b

Serving light lunch and the most incredible cakes, open bar and plenty to see.

Sunday Lunch 12-4

Local roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or a veggie wellington both served with classic trimmings. To book please call us on 01424 431 305

Coastal Currents

The weekends line up for you…

Thursday 5-11 – – Burrito Night


Come and enjoy hand made burritos filled with delicious, locally sourced ingredients and a fully stocked bar. Kitchen til 9, bar til 11.

Saturday – Coastal Currents Begins

Home made soups with cheeses & bread selection, plus locally made cakes!

open studios f&b

Sunday – Coastal Currents Open Studios continues but we’ll be serving our usual Sunday Roast (12-4)

This week we’ll have local roast lamb or Butternut Dauphinois, both served with all the classic trimmings. We have a choice of desserts, Sticky Toffee Pudding or Warm Chocolate Brownies. Kids, starters and vegan menu also available. Booking highly advisable.