‘Ello Treacle…

Keeping it classic this week, our in house baker is rolling out sweet crumbly pastry and baking it filled with rich, zesty treacle goodness. This is one of our more popular desserts so have a try if you’ve not yet done so….

Please note, a change to our menu for the vegan dessert – this week it will be cherry & almond brownies and not the custard sponge as advertised.

Also on the menu…

Netherfield topside of beef (£18) with fresh horseradish or The Beacons renowned Nut Roast (£16); packed full of fresh vegetables and herbs, loads of mixed nuts and a sprinkling of cheese…unless you have the vegan option which is just as delicious!

Every main dish comes with roasties, Yorkshire pudding, a selection of seasonal vegetables and a home brewed gravy.

Collections between 1-5, if you really need your meal delivered its worth an ask as we might be able to help you out!

Please order by email beaconhastings@gmail.com or by phone (01424) 431 305

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