A Home Cooked Hug

We’re all in need of a bit of comfort right now it seems, we might not be able to make the pandemic clear off but we can offer a generous portion of home cooked comfort in the form of a Sunday Roast! Come and eat here (in or outdoors) or come and collect a take away to enjoy in the comfort of your own surroundings…

Starter £7.50

Salt baked beetroot, feta, pickled onions & hazelnut salad, house sourdough (let us know if you’re vegan)

Mains £15

Local roast pork, herby stuffing, apple sauce

Chestnut & lentil roast (v) or (ve)

Each roast comes with roasties, seasonal vegetables & gravy.

Dessert £6.50

Butterscotch Pudding

Poached plums, vanilla ice cream, shortbread (ve)

To pre-order a take away or book a table please contact us on (01424) 431 305 or beaconhastings@gmail.com

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