Have you heard of Hastings Cargo?

The Covid 19 crisis brought many things into sharp focus. At the Beacon we adapted in the space of a few days by creating a delivery service for our Sunday roasts, absorbing the cost of packaging and delivery, with no idea of the viability of such a plan or its potential duration! Two months down the line we are still going strong, thanks to you.
We’re now looking forward to a time when some of you may wish to collect your food directly from us, but until then we will continue to deliver to all our customers.

This Sunday we are trialling a new delivery service for some very local addresses with Hastings Cargo electric bikes (ahem, not pictured above). These bikes have been proved to be an excellent way to help maintain the clean air quality and pollution levels we’ve seen during lockdown, and we at the Beacon want to help Hastings keep breathing clean air.  We hope you will support us in this, and we would welcome your feedback after Sunday’s service.

This weeks menu….

Our Starter Box this week contains a gorgeous Greek Salad; sweet vine cherry tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, black olives, cucumber, fresh herbs and Feta (vegan without), plus a wedge of the days fresh Sourdough. Great on the day or save it for lunch the next day!

Then….local roast chicken with herb stuffing or “Cheeseboard Tart” (v) (a mix of mature cheddar, Brie & Stilton plus onions in a handmade pastry case) or No Bake Spinach Cheesecake with a sunflower seed & sundried tomato base (ve).

All mains come with roasties (thats just standard) and a choice of seasonal vegetables & gravy, *unless* you order our Summer Special which swaps the veg & gravy for a wonderful medley of mixed green beans & asparagus plus a fresh aioli (garlic mayo)….Just let us know which way you sway when you place your order…

Dessert this week…

Choose between Pavlova (homemade meringue, whipped Northiam Dairy cream, summer berry compote and fresh berries) or a vegan Strawberry Tart. We love this season!

To order please email beaconhastings@gmail.com or call us on (01424) 431 305

One response to “Have you heard of Hastings Cargo?

  1. Hi Sarah Thanks for the wonderful service you are still providing . As I am one of those ‘shielding’ I would still like a delivery please . The delivery people so far have been excellent so Cargo have a lot to live up to ! I don’t envy them having to come up from the beacon too often !!! Could I have the starter ; roast chicken ; vegan strawberry tart please with the usual 1-3 slot if possible. Thanks to all of you at the Beacon for making lockdown bearable . Take care and stay safe . Ray

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