Have you tried out a Starter Box yet?

Our Jack ( a scenic carpenter by trade) has taken up baking whilst in lockdown and has absolutely nailed a homemade Sourdough, hence, it has become a staple within our Starter Boxes….as well as our daily breakfasts.

This week it will be joined by a tomato, almond and basil pesto, a roasted red pepper, white bean and Harissa dip and some leaves picked straight from the garden. Enjoy it before your main meal or save it for lunch the next day…

Now for the main event…

This week we have local beef with fresh Horseradish or Nut Roast (in vegetarian and vegan form) both with Yorkshire puddings and also Homity Pie (for those that missed it on last weeks menu it’s a deep filled leek, spinach, potato and mature cheddar pie with wholemeal crust). As always we serve these with roasties, seasonal vegetables and gravy.

Dessert is a choice of Banoffee Pie or apple crumble pie (ve).

To order please email beaconhastings@gmail.com or call (01424) 431 305

One response to “Have you tried out a Starter Box yet?

  1. Good morning Judy, Alan (Glasswright) here. Hope you are well, wondering if you have a dummy head I could borrow, or to loan, for displaying a carnival mask in Arts Forum window, made during St LeonardsFestival workshop, I will also try to phone you. Like the idea of Sour dough starer box! Alan Sent from my iPhone


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