Beets, Leeks & Onions

Two of our house favourites on the menu this week; local roast chicken with bacon and herb stuffing or a dish that we call Beets, Leeks & Onions which sounds simpler than it is. Our locally sourced beetroot are slow roasted with balsamic glaze and served atop a bed of chickpea mash, comfort food at its finest. But thats not all, this wonderful stack then has sauteed leeks, roast red onion and toasted pine nuts too. Its a total all rounder (and vegan to boot).

Pudding is a good ole crumble & custard.

To book please call us on (01424) 431 305

A Weekly Toddler Playgroup

Its parent led, its creative and we have good coffee. Come and join us every Wednesday morning (10.30-12) to see friendly faces, have a play and join in the weekly themed activities. £2.50 per sprout.

2 responses to “Beets, Leeks & Onions

  1. What age range is Sprouts suitable for please?

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