Kolkata Home Cooking

Thursday 7-11 (kitchen til 9)

If you missed last months cooking, by local resident and friend Pranesh, then here’s another chance. Authentic Kolkata cooking, all vegetarian and totally delicious. Expect Moug Dal, rice, labra, onion bagi, aubergine fries and tomato chutney. Intrigued? Us too….

Whats better is that all profits from this meal go to the Seap project, providing support for health and social care service users. Winning!

Sunday Lunch 12-4

This weeks delight is a local roast beef with Sarah’s cracking Yorkshire puddings and a new dish, the White Nut Roast with artichokes which comes with Mum’s bread sauce. Goes without saying that both dishes come with all you want with a classic roast. Dessert this week is a Pecan Pie with vanilla ice cream.



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