Happening on the hill…

Before we go into this weeks menus, just a little note to mention our ethos of locally sourcing ingredients; particularly meat. Its of highest priority that what we put on our (and your) plates has been ethically sourced and so we drive out to the delightful Homestead Farm in Netherfield each week to bring back the highest quality meats, from animals that have been free ranging, very well cared for and treated with total respect, as they should be. On another note, we are furthering our research into offering an even higher variety of vegetarian and vegan options as this is just as important to us.
Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.59.57 Anyway….cheers!

            Thursday 7pm Banger & Mash Caff (Open til 11pm, food til 9)

b&mcaffCome and enjoy our special offer on a Thursday, available til Easter, of any meal plus a house wine or beer for just a tenner!

Sunday Lunch 12-4 


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