Lots to see up here on the hill

This week

Thursday 7-11 

Come and have a drink, a bite to eat, meet friends and play table tennis. Our gardens are open while the weather stays warm. All welcome. This weeks menu is a chorizo or bean chilli with house slaw & rice.

Saturday 11-5 – Coastal Currents Continues

Your final chance to see our artists studios fling open their doors and reveal what’s inside. We’ve got two floors of local sellers too from clothing & jewellery to cushion covers and baby blankets.

Layout 1

Sunday Lunch (also Coastal Currents final day) 12-4


Coming soon, not to be missed!





Thursday 22nd September (7pm) Our next Clothes Sale, get in touch now to book your stall


2 responses to “Lots to see up here on the hill

  1. Josephine Marchant

    Hi Judy Is the clothes sale advertised on sept 22nd 7 pm for new clothes or second hand clothes. ? If it’s for 2nd hand, how much are the stalls and how long is it on for..? I wasn’t sure if this is replacing the clothes sales you held on Saturdays monthly? Cheers Josephine Ho

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