Jazzy Sunday!

Come and join us this Sunday (12-4) for a special afternoon of live music brought to you by fantastic Jazz trio Sharpe & Larsson. Let your ears and eyes be entertained with a collection of smoky Jazz classics while we serve up a delightful menu of local steak or mushroom Stroganoff, wild rice, fresh pickles and herb infused carrots. A feast for all senses!

Cocktail 5carrotwine

To avoid disappointment, please book your table by calling us on 01424 431 305 or email beaconclubhouse@gmail.com



2 responses to “Jazzy Sunday!

  1. I finally able to come, and this sounds lovely. One place please. Barbara Rogers

    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 11:52:24 +0000 To: abrarogers@yahoo.co.uk

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