Stew For You

This Sunday, Clubhouse is taking the cosy levels up a notch. If this rain refuses to leave we’ll have no choice but to light the fires, maybe even a candle or two. So why not come and dry off up here – We’ve got some gorgeous beef from Homestead Farm in Netherfield which will be slow cooked in organic Whitstable ale and topped with crispy wholegrain mustard dumplings. Or if meat’s not your thing, we’ll also be dishing up a tasty casserole of root veg too. Both are served with twice baked potatoes and locally grown sweet cabbage.


As for afters, its Lemon Posset served with our home baked vanilla shortbread. Our bar is open too if you fancied just popping in for a glass of delicious wine from Borough Wines, a beer, a G&T…or perhaps a glass of juice made from our home grown apples.

To book a table please call us on 01424 431 305 or email

See you on Sunday


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