The Beacon is open today for Coastal Currents showing an eclectic mix of fashion, jewellery, art and pottery and serving tea, coffee and home-made cake.

Open 1-5pm September 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th.

Showing work are Judy and Dora Dewsbery, Ben Newman and Sarah Gregson, all of whom live and work at the Beacon. In the garden are the studios of Judith Rowe, Ben White, and Ruth Wurzburger. Also showing are the Tuesday life drawing group and Gina.

Judy, ex of Swanky Modes, returns to her fashion roots with a small collection of Claire McCargill-inspired denim workwear; and a range of limited-edition timeless clothes in collaboration with Gina. Newcomers to Coastal Currents are Dora and Ben, both illustrators, and Judy’s sister Sarah, with her distinctive paintings.

Take a tour of our gallery and clothes line indoors, and in the gardens the chalet, workshops and Judith Rowe’s ever-popular pottery studio. We hope to see you later!

ben2 elaine 2 denim belle tout dora

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